History of Killa Nicopods

Killa Nicopods are a Danish invention that N.G.P. has manufactured since 2016. They are one of the first nicotine pouches designed to help users quit smoking whilst achieving the same level of nicotine satisfaction. The inspiration for these Killa Nicotine Pouches was taken from the snus packets that were popular in Denmark then; however, they wanted to make them more appealing and stylish while not compromising on quality or precision – hence their Nordic sense of style! Created by a Danish company, N.G.P., in 2016, the company is known for its high-quality, precision-made products and wanted to bring this quality to the nicotine industry.

Nordic design is characterized by simplicity and functionality, two of the main features of the Killa Nicopods. The product was first introduced in Denmark but has since been exported worldwide. Nordic countries are known for their emphasis on style and quality when making goods, be it alcohol or fishnets. So Killa Nicopods is not light-hearted in delivering nothing less than an iconic Danish product you crave! Inspired by the natural beauty of Denmark, these pouches will refresh your outdoor leisure with new passion and energy. Killa Nicopods revolutionized nicotine consumption by integrating a Swedish sense of style, quality, and precision – securing a premium position in the European nicotine industry.

​What’s behind our success? Our ability to innovate at speed and compete swiftly with the behemoths of the tobacco market is key company driver- having expanded to more than 20 countries globally We, SL Commerce LTD (Killa Store UK), are leading the sale and distribution in the United Kingdom as its sole official distributor.

Finding new brands and products

It is sometimes hard to keep track on what’s new, replaced or simply re-designed. The New Arrivals represents the new nicotine pouches and tobacco free snus launched or added to our collection. The competition between leading producers and newcomers increases and so does the pressure to deliver new innovative ideas. As a result, we see new brands and re-designs coming at us each year and in the end, it’s quite difficult to keep up.

Observing Trends

The brands found in the New Arrivals category can be both newly launched or a seasonal snus making a comeback, we of course want to inform you whenever there’s an update! Keeping an eye at our new arrivals can be quite fun! Observing current trends on the snus market and following how manufacturers respond with a new product whenever a competitor releases a new flavour. We still see a continuing trend of mint-flavoured snus, an all-time favourite that conjures a refreshing delight through out the day.

Adding new nicotine pouches and tobacco free snus

The new arrivals are frequently updated whenever we add a new product, don’t forget to check it out! Whether you feel like being a risktaker and trying something new or longing for that seasonal snus to return. Before you know it, one or two of these brands may end up on the top 10 bestselling tobacco free snus category, which is updated each month based on customers pick.